R. C. Bridgestock

Snow Kills

"Snow Kills’ is a ghoulishly gripping novel..."


When a young hairdresser – Kayleigh Harwood – is reported missing in one of the worst blizzards Harrowfield has experienced in years, DI Jack Dylan and his team are called in to investigate. Kayleigh’s car is found abandoned. Her mobile phone lies inside but there is no sign of her. Clothing is discovered on local moorland and a local quarry is searched.

The investigation begins to focus on a loner, living close to where her car is found. As the snow thaws, human remains are found and Dylan’s Chief Superintendent calls out the whole of the Major Incident Team. Meanwhile Dylan’s wife becomes distracted and distant when an ex-fiancé makes an appearance.

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Husband and wife team RC Bridgestock return with their fourth novel and it is far and away their best effort yet. The story seems quite linear and straightforward at first but as the pages turn, things become much more convoluted as suspicion is shifted from one character to another. The narrative is ever engaging and in the early chapters, the weather itself assumes the role of a character, such is the strength of their writing. The prose is neat and tidy while the pace increases with each passing chapter. Dylan’s interaction with Vicky is a joy to behold and throughout the novel he dominates the landscape with good common-sense and old-fashioned values. Vicky’s acerbic comments and nature is the perfect foil for him. Other minor characters are all depicted with aplomb, but the Norman Bates-like, Norris Regan is the one who rises above the crowd to rival Dylan for dominance. The dynamics of Dylan’s home life features heavily in the story and as a humanising sub-plot I have to say that I found it to be first class. All in all, ‘Snow Kills’ is a ghoulishly gripping novel which deserves a much wider audience.

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