P. J. Tracy

Snow Blind

""…another sure-fire winner…" "


Nothing is bleaker than Minneapolis during the winter, the season that, to some long time residents, lasts eleven months of the year. So, what better way to bring a little cheer to the good people of the city than by sponsoring an old-fashioned snowman-building contest? In a matter of hours, a local park is filled with the innocent laughter of children and their frosty creations. But things take an awful turn when the dead bodies of Minneapolis police officers are discovered inside two of the snowmen - sending the MPD and Detectives Magozzi and Rolseth onto high alert.

The next day Iris Rikker, the newly minted sheriff of rural Dundas County, comes across another dead cop. Fearing that Rikker's inexperience will hamper the investigation, Magozzi and Rolseth head north in a blizzard to hunt for clues. As Grace MacBride and her crack computer jocks at Monkeewrench comb cyber-murder websites for connections a terrifying link emerges connecting the dead cops, Magozzi, Rolseth, and Monkeewrench - a link that must be broken, before it's too late.

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This latest novel from PJ Tracy moves away slightly from the Monkewrench team, and focuses more on Magozzi and Rolseth working to solve a crime, with help from Monkeewrench. The book is exceptionally fast paced with plot lines and characters being thrown at the reader at every opportunity, keeping you guessing as to who carried out the crime. As the book progresses the reader begins to realise the motives behind the crimes and is left torn between wanting to know who the culprit is - and that Magozzi and Rolselth solve the case - whilst also hoping that the killer is not caught as the original victims appear to be getting their just desserts! I believe that PJ Tracy has realised that the Monkeewrech angle needed to be sidelined slightly. The story concentrates more on the police aspect rather than the computer side - but the original 'cast' are all still present. In Snow Blind they manage to develop and progress existing relationships from the three previous books. Snow Blind is another sure-fire winner from PJ Tracy.

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