Peter Robinson

Sleeping in the Ground

"Opening a new Peter Robinson book is like meeting up with old friends."


A wedding in a picturesque country church with happy family and friends is shattered by a rain of bullets kills and injures many. The groom is a war hero and the bride a well-known model. There is no apparent reason for this terrible attack.

Detective Superintendent Banks is called in to oversee the investigation. He has been attending the funeral of an old flame and is feeling reflective about his life and lost loves.

The police investigation kicks in quickly and the discovery of an apparent suicide with means and opportunity to have done the deed means the case is quickly solved.

But Banks is uneasy about the reasons for the killing and worries about the views of many of the friends of the perpetrator that cannot believe he could do such a thing. When Banks looks into the circumstances he finds more to concern him and the past provides him with some surprising answers.

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Opening a new Peter Robinson book is like meeting up with old friends. You know you are in for hours of pleasure and entertainment with a soup├žon of regret and nostalgia. This one is no exception. We have Detective Superintendent Banks, still looking for a meaningful relationship but now more aware of passing years. Annie Cabbot is still the same; forceful, dedicated and a little bolshie with those she feels are more privileged than her. The rest of the team are maturing and moving on with their lives. As well as the determination to find the truth and his dedication to the job, Banks is in reflective mode and the reappearance in his life of profiler Jenny Fuller only adds to the regrets of the past he feels when contemplating the death of his first girlfriend. Altogether, this latest Banks novel is another completely satisfying and enjoyable gripping story from the master storyteller.

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