Tony Park

Silent Predator

""...good old fashioned escapism. " "


Protection Officer Tom Furey has been assigned British Defence Minister Robert Greeves to protect on one of his frequent visits to Africa. He is replacing the missing Nick Roberts, erstwhile friend and now good time high living bachelor.

In South Africa Tom is working with the attractive inspector, Sannie Von Rensberg. When Greeves is abducted, along with his devoted policy advisor, Bernard Joyce, Furey feels responsible and takes off immediately after the abductors. He doesn't find them but does find the beginnings of a trail. The high profile of Greeves means that all available resources are employed including Special Forces and counter intelligence. When a video is discovered showing Greeves' murder and also that of former bodyguard Nick Roberts, Furey is facing dismissal in disgrace.

Helped by Sannie Van Rensberg, Tom pursues the killers relentlessly through dangerous bush country. The suspected band of terrorists stop at nothing to get their way and threaten the lives and happiness of those close to Tom. When the denouement is reached, all proves not to have been as it first seemed.

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This book has a fast moving and racy plot which holds the interest. Set in the warmth of Africa it is a good book for some good old fashioned escapism. Tony Park obviously enjoys Africa and his enthusiasm is infectious. There is plenty of action and. excitement both from the conflict with the crooks and from the danger found in the bush. I enjoyed the in depth local colour in descriptions of Kruger and Mozambique. I found it a little formulaic in that some of the interaction between Tom and Sannie seemed a little stilted. It is, however, a good holiday read and a bit of escapism in the winter cold.

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