Anna Smith

Screams In The Dark

"..well written, fast paced novel full of action and of the quality expected from Smith."


Glasgow is seething with resentment over the growing immigration issues and treatment of refugees, but when Rosie Gilmour goes out to cover a demonstration what she finds sends her on an investigation with far reaching consequences.

Refugees are disappearing and when asylum seekers have no roots or families how does anyone know? Mutilated bodies and murdered lawyers are entwined and slowly the horror starts to unfold, giving Rosie a choice; which is more important the story or her life?

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This is the third novel featuring Rosie Gilmour and having been a fan of the previous two I was looking forward to 'Screams In The Dark'. Was I disappointed? No. It is a well written, fast paced novel full of action and of the quality expected from Smith. For me, Smith's books stand out because they are written from a journalist perspective - something she knows a lot about - giving a different viewpoint to that of the detectives, which many books are written from. For example; how a reporter finds out about something, what they do to look into it, the liaison with the Police, the lawyers on both sides, how everyone works together and the reasoning behind what can and cannot be printed. A total fascination for me and I find myself wondering how much of the story is based on reality. Something I will be asking Anna when I next see her! 'Screams in the Dark' is based around refugees and asylum seekers disappearing, which leads into human trafficking and war criminals. Both are current and emotive subjects, which whilst are not original plot lines, benefit from the different view point from which Ms Smith comes at her story. If you have read previous books, you'll be pleased to see characters returning and a continuation of previous story lines. On a critical note, care will have to be taken not to repeat a formula but keep it fresh as there have now been three books on large cases which only Rosie can find details about on and nearly gets killed, but just (almost miraculously) escapes. That's not a complaint, but a comment on ensuring that the eminence of work Ms Smith does continues. An action packed novel with current political undertones that made for a riveting read.

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