Lisa Gardner

Say Goodbye

" another outstanding read from Gardner.."


Young women are disappearing, girls no one will notice are gone - prostitutes, runaways, high-risk teens. One night they exist, next morning they have vanished.

But FBI Agent Kimberly Quincy, five months pregnant, has noticed. And when eighteen year old Delilah Rose claims to have inside information on the case, she will only talk to Kimberly. After all, they have something on common; Delilah is pregnant too.

Their only lead is a man who gets his kicks in the creepiest of ways. He is a twisted sadist with a brutal past. Kimberly soon realises she must become the prey if anyone else is to survive...

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Lisa Gardner's latest book is a powerful thriller that is sure to be well received by all present and future Gardner fans. Leaving behind Quincy, Gardner now sets her novels around Quincy's daughter Kimberly, who is an FBI Agent. Whilst I did not find Kimberley the most likeable of lead characters, the twisting storyline and plot more than make up for my partial dislike of her. This particular story is very involved, and not for the faint hearted, although it is interspersed with details of the personal life of Kimberley and her husband, Mac, which seemed somewhat unrealistic and unnecessary at times. Say Goodbye is another outstanding read from Gardner and was well worth the wait.

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