Priscilla Royal

Satan’s Lullaby

"Royal has created a worthy successor to Ellis Peters’ marvelous, iconic series..."


It is 1278. Prioress Eleanor has been told that the head of her order, Abbess Isabeau, has sent her brother, Father Etienne Davoir, to inspect Tyndal Priory in all aspects. Previously highly favoured by the Abbess, Eleanor is seriously worried. When a member of the investigating group dies after being treated by Sister Anne, the situation becomes more dangerous.

When Father Etienne is threatened, it is essential to solve the mystery before too much damage is created. The Crowner Ralf, charged with the investigation, is in no position to be impartial and he is also concerned about the welfare of his wife who is expecting their first baby imminently.

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This is a well-established series involving Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas of the Order of Fontevraud. This book is the eleventh in the series but it is the first one I have read. As a fan of Cadfael and other medieval mysteries, I am delighted to discover a new source of delightful tales of 900 years ago. Royal has created a worthy successor to Ellis Peters' marvelous, iconic series which has become a benchmark for any writer who ventures into this particular time frame. The characters are interesting and well-drawn, the plot is intriguing and the historical detail means the atmosphere of the time is beautifully evoked. And the good thing is I have a back catalogue to now explore which is even better. Definitely worth a read for any lover of Historical Crime.

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