Chris Ewan

Safe House

"...the relentless pace almost strained my page turning finger."


Rob Hale wakes up in an Isle of Man hospital after a motorcycle accident. He is told that Lena, the woman he was travelling with doesn't exist. The woman he describes bears a strong resemblance to his recently deceased, Laura. Has he imagined Lena as part of the grieving process?

Convinced Lena is real Rob determines to find out who she is and who is behind her disappearance. Aided by London PI Rebecca Lewis who was hired by his parents to investigate Laura's suicide, Rob begins his quest.

Together they soon learn that even on an island where almost everyone knows the others business, there are still some deeply buried secrets. As things progress they have to decide between flight or fight if they plan to survive.

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Best known for his 'Good Thief's Guide' series, Ewan has stepped away from his comfort zone and tackled an entirely different style of novel. With his debut everyman novel Ewan has ticked all the boxes and created a barnstorming tale of mystery and intrigue. Rob and Rebecca are perfectly drawn and their characters draw the reader into the tale so completely that I was left wondering if I needed a passport to get back to the mainland. Grandpa was a strong character and I think Shimmin is strong enough to carry a novel on his own. The plot was subtly clever and the relentless pace almost strained my page turning finger. This is a novel which gets better with every passing page. In my opinion this thriller is every bit as good as any Linwood Barclay. I never thought I'd say this, but if this is what Ewan can do as a standalone then I don't want him to write anymore “Good Thief's” books!

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