""Miles Kendrick is a well-drawn and likeable central character." "


Miles Kendrick is a federal witness hiding from the mob, constantly haunted by the horrifying memories of his best friend's death. Whilst helping his psychiatrist with a mysterious favour, Miles stumbles into a murder - and an illegal medical research program that could free him and millions of others with post-traumatic stress disorder from their crippling fears. In the wrong place at the wrong time, Miles ends up in the cross-hairs of Dennis Groote, an ex-FBI agent turned hit man. Groote is determined to find a cure for his traumatized daughter - and determined to gain control of a secret drug formula worth billions on the open market, a formula he believes Miles possesses.

Pursued by both Groote and government agents, Miles runs for his life. He draws on his old skills as a mobster's spy to survive a deadly duel of strike and counterstrike with the unrelenting and brutal Groote.

Miles finds two unlikely allies: a mentally broken ex-soldier and a reclusive woman whose life was destroyed by violence. To save them all - and with one last chance to be the man he once was - Miles takes the battle back to the powerful, murderous forces who want to silence one troubled man before he can get his life back.

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It's a tried and tested plot; Miles is an ordinary man who has been involved in a crime of which he knows nothing. In order to survive he needs to find out who is controlling events. Whilst the reasons for the crimes may be different to other books, the 'good guy facing adversity' is not. Still, Miles Kendrick is a well-drawn and likeable central character. I found to book to be a little broken as the chapters change quickly from one person to another and sometimes also between present and the past, which made it not only a little hard to follow, but also difficult to stay focussed on one plot. However, despite it being a slightly pedestrian storyline of good versus evil, I enjoyed the book and was also able to empathise and identify with the likeable lead character which left me wanting to know what happened to him.

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