Arnaldur Indridason

Reykjavik Nights

""...a great read that people new to Indridason will enjoy, and one that his long-term fans will love." "


When a homeless man is killed and a young woman on her way home from a club vanishes, few people care. Both cases go cold; just two lost people from two different worlds.

The loner Erlendur has recently joined the police force as a young officer, not an investigator, but his instincts tell him their fate is worth pursuing. As the past begins to surrender its secrets Erlendur finds himself dragged inexorably into the strange and dark underworld of the city.

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After Arnaldur Indridason concluded the story of Detective Erlendur in his previous novel, 'Strange Shores', I was keen to see the direction he would take with the series, as I knew there were some untranslated novels still to come. For me, it was a delight to find that we hadn't heard the last of this great character and would instead be discovering more of what made him become just one of my favourite 'damaged detectives'. Young, single and working in traffic Erlendur gets his first real taste of detective work when he remains unconvinced that the death of a local tramp was the drunken accident that everyone believes. Pursuing his concerns and inspired by his own fascination for the lives of the lost, the dispossessed and the people they leave behind, Erlendur begins an unofficial investigation into what really happened. The pace of the story was perfect for a novel about a young policeman finding his feet in the world, and once more Indridason makes Reykjavik a character in its own right. With its nights full of car crashes, robberies, drunks and fights the backdrop is vibrant and violent. This step into Erlendur's past firmly sets 'Reykjavik Nights' as a great read that people new to Indridason will enjoy, and one that his long-term fans will love.

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