" excellent read for those who enjoy a tightly written police procedural."


There is a burglary at Harrowfield mortuary and the body of 30 year old Kirsty Gallagher is missing.

Nearby, uniform police are searching the canal along with a small diving squad, following the discovery of some clothes by the bank side. The body of a naked man is hoisted from the murky depths. His ankles are tied by a piece of rope connected to concrete.

Kirsty's decomposing corpse is eventually found and an arrest is made which leads to a network of men whom D.I Jack Dylan can only describe as reprobates.

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'Reprobates' is another fine outing from RC Bridgestock and their lead DI Jack Dylan. Both travel into the murky underworld inhabited by the most deviant of reprobates, where no sane person would ever want to travel. It is this underworld where the authors combine to showcase their lead character's revulsion for the despicable acts of the perpetrators. Dylan's response to what he encounters is a wonderful mix of world-weary acceptance and genuine horror. The plotting is tight and I enjoyed the tension created by the sub-plots. Overall I'd have to say that 'Reprobates' is an excellent read for those who enjoy a tightly written police procedural.

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