Will Jordan


"Jordan has the potential to deliver even more gripping thrillers that will earn him a large audience and fan base."


Ryan Drake finds people who don't want to be found. Once a soldier in the British Army, he now works for the CIA as a 'shepherd' - an elite investigation team that finds and brings home missing agents. But his latest mission - to free a prisoner codenamed Maras from a maximum security prison and bring her back to US soil within forty-eight hours - is more dangerous than anything he and his team have attempted before.

Despite the risks, the team successfully completes their mission, but for Drake the real danger has only just begun. Faced with a terrible threat, he is forced to go on the run with 'Maras' - a veteran agent scarred by years of brutal imprisonment. Hunted by their former comrades and those willing to do anything to protect a deadly secret, Drake is left with no choice but to trust a dangerous woman he barely knows. For he has only one chance to save those he loves and time is running out.

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Redemption' introduces Ryan Drake who works for the CIA 'off the books' as the work he carries out for this agency cannot be acknowledged. I felt that by using the code name 'Maras' for the woman the team was rescuing de-personalised her, making it hard to empathise or connect much with the woman. Rather than the code name making her elusive, to me it made her impenetrable and cold. I don't like comparisons and wouldn't make any between Drake and Lee Childs' creation as they are very different characters with different qualities but I think it good that Jordan has made Drake his own man and not a carbon copy of Reacher. Although I had a few niggles about 'Maras', the plot moved very fast indeed, keeping me interested and urging me to turn those pages. The ending was left tantalisingly open for future novels with the possibility of re-appearances of some of the characters introduced in Jordan's debut. 'Redemption' certainly intrigued me enough to look forward to seeing forthcoming books and to discover the development of the different relationships. 'Redemption' is a solidly plotted and well-written debut thriller that will certainly attract many readers and although this novel is not what I class as 'A-star', I am convinced as a hardened reviewer and avid crime fiction reader that Jordan has the potential to deliver even more gripping thrillers that will earn him a large audience and fan base.

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