Barbara Nadel

Pretty Dead Things

""A really good read…""


This time the mystery confronting Inspector Cetin Ikmen is rooted in the Istanbul of the 1960s when the hippies, looking for enlightenment on the route to Katmandu, passed through the city and left a lasting impression on some of the Turkish residents.

The liberated lifestyle of the Western Europeans rubbed off on some of the citizens, in particular one Emine Aksu, who is reported missing by her concerned husband. Their “open” marriage means that Emine has had a number of partners who may have played a role in her disappearance.

At the same time Inspector Mehmet Suleyman has to investigate the skeleton of a woman found very publicly displayed on the Kamondo Stairs in the old banking district of Istanbul. After detailed investigations of many of the old families of Istanbul, and revelations about the happenings of the past, it turns out that these two cases may be linked.

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This is another captivating story about Istanbul and the hardworking and intuitive Inspector Ikmen. His family and friends are great characters who are completely bound up in the unravelling of the case. The continuing development of these characters adds greatly to the enjoyment of the series. The insight into the exotic world of Istanbul - caught between two cultures - is fascinating and I particularly enjoyed the interest in the football match between Liverpool and AC Milan. The way in which the two strands of the plot interlink is clever, as is the final solution. A really good read at any time, but if you were planning a holiday in Turkey, this would be the ideal companion.

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