Joseph Finder

Power Play

"This book is action packed…"


It was the perfect retreat for a troubled company. No cell phones. No Blackberrys. No cars. Just a luxurious, remote lodge surrounded by thousands of miles of wilderness…

All the top officers of the Hammond Aerospace Corporation are there. And one last-minute substitute - a junior executive named Jake Landry. He's a steady, modest, and taciturn guy with a gift for keeping his head down and a turbulent past he's trying to put behind him.

Jake's uncomfortable with all the power players he's surrounded by, especially with all their swaggering and posturing. The only person there he knows is the female CEO's assistant - his ex-girlfriend, Ali.

When a band of backwoods hunters crash the opening-night dinner, the executives suddenly find themselves held hostage by armed men who will do anything, to anyone, to get their hands on the largest ransom in history. Now, terrified, desperate and cut off from the rest of the world, the captives are at the mercy of hard men with guns who may not be what they seem.

The corporate big shots hadn't wanted Jake there. But now he's the only one who can save them.

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As with Finder's previous novel, Paranoia, Power Play has an unlikely hero who tries to save the day. Jake, the lead character, is a slightly maverick non-conformist, but likeable, man who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But due to his 'high moral standards' is unable to sit by and just watch things happen. The way the story pans out is possibly a little predictable… although the initial kidnap situation and the excellent writing more than makes up for this. There are also some clues along the way for the reader to try and pick up on and work out why the kidnap has taken place, and who is really behind it This book is action packed and the pace doesn't drop, although I did find the build-up to the main event a little drawn out. Nonetheless, it was a highly enjoyable book and comes recommended.

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