Simon Scarrow

Playing with Death

"I absolutely loved it. "


FBI agent Rose Blake is back at work after a horrendous encounter with a vicious serial killer when she fails to end his killing spree. Although he has been lying low since his escape, Rose knows he is still out there and looking for her.

Her husband is working hard to return a Democratic Senator to power in the face of strong opposition and her son is struggling with his teenage years and being enticed with the social temptations of gaming and the Internet.

As a little light relief from her problems Rose is called in to a case of arson and murder. This would not normally be a FBI case but there are some strange circumstances and the department of Defence is taking an interest. As she finds out more about the case and as more deaths occur that appear to be linked, Rose is drawn into some very strange territory indeed.

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My normal comfort zone is more in Scarrow's field of historical fiction, but I am very glad indeed to have been introduced to this co-operative effort from Scarrow and Francis. It has such an original plot set in a world that terrifies me to think about. What is particularly scary is that technology is advancing so rapidly and the writers write so convincingly that I can believe this world is just around the corner. The research that has been done is so impressive and I suspect that it might have been a little frightening too. The Dark Web is a thing of nightmares. The story grips you from the beginning and races to a most exciting and enigmatic ending. It was one of those books that call you back every time you are dragged away. I absolutely loved it.

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