David Jackson


"...exciting and different!'"


It's a bad enough day for NYPD detective Callum Doyle when his cop partner is murdered. It's about to get a hell of a lot worse...When the dead man's replacement is also brutally killed, suspicion falls on Doyle himself. Then he receives an anonymous message. This is just the beginning, it says. Anyone he gets close to will die - and that includes Doyle's own family.

The only way to keep them alive is to stay away. For good. Doyle is desperate to find out who is responsible, but when his every move puts others in danger he is forced to back off. With the investigation getting nowhere and his isolation deepening, Doyle has to ask himself an uncomfortable question: just how low is he prepared to sink in order to get his life back.

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Jackson falls comfortably into the role of highly polished and seasoned author, yet Pariah is actually first novel. However once reading this book you would be hard pressed to find any fault with either the prose or characters as it had a feel of experience to it. Perhaps the very climax of the book was a little weak, but somehow as most motives go they seem to be linked to love, money or greed and Pariah is no exception, just the route getting there was a little more exciting and different! Doyle finds himself ostracised from his friends and colleagues as those around him are being murdered and he needs to find out who is killing everyone before his family gets hurts. As a generally straight shooter, he is given a moral dilemma, or solve the crime before he needs to make any decision. One by one his network of support is picked away until he has nothing left and he is having to try and get help from those he has previously locked up. It is a very exciting storyline and has an ending that you will be in a hurry to reach. A great read from a great new author.

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