Tom Bale

One Dark Night

"Grab a copy of ‘One Dark Night’ and you’ll never suffer from road rage again!"


After a day in the countryside with his wife, Katy, and their two kids, doting father Adam Parr wants nothing more than to get home for a roast dinner and a cold beer.

But when a speeding silver car cuts him up on the drive back, nearly causing him to crash, he can't help but pull over and give the driver a piece of his mind. His kids could've been killed.

And then he sees a struggling woman in the back seat, her eyes pleading for help, and he realises he and his family are in terrible danger. In the blink of an eye, their ordinary lives have been plunged into an unimaginable nightmare.

Can Adam find the strength, intelligence and bravery to keep his family safe?

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Once again Bale has penned a wonderful tale about everyday people in an extra-ordinary situation. When it comes to the everyman thriller there few who can rival Bale's eye for detail, fantastic characterisation or sublime plotting skills. I was hooked from the first page and kept glued to the book as I followed the Parr family through a series of nightmarish situations. Each character was beautifully created and utterly believable. Best of all was the plotting as Bale amped up the tension on every page while still blindsiding me with his plot twists. Grab a copy of 'One Dark Night' and you'll never suffer from road rage again!

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