James Oswald

Nothing To Hide

"Just when you think you have the plot worked out, Oswald throws in another curveball..."


Suspended from duty after her last case ended with a high-profile arrest, DC Constance Fairchild is trying to stay away from the limelight. Fate has other ideas.

Coming home to her London flat, Constance stumbles across a young man, bloodied, mutilated and barely alive. She calls it in and is quickly thrown into the middle of a nationwide investigation. It seems that the victim is just the latest in a string of similar ritualistic attacks.

No matter that she is off duty, no matter that there are those in the Met who would gladly see the back of her, Con can't shake her innate determination to bring the monsters responsibly for this brutality to justice.

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James Oswald is the author of the best-selling series featuring Inspector McClean. Last year he released the first in a new series with protagonist DC Constance Fairchild. The two main characters couldn't be more different yet both are likeable, engaging and have an eclectic cast of supporting characters behind them. 'Nothing to Hide' is the second Constance Fairchild novel and is as strong as the excellent 'No Time To Cry'. Connie is suspended, a court case is looming, and everything she dislikes about her family is splashed all over the newspapers. Behind Connie's complex personal life is a very brutal and disturbing case involving mutilated bodies. Despite being off duty, Connie cannot help but getting involved. This dogged determination could put Connie into cliché territory as she's warned off by her superiors yet listens to her inner morality. Oswald's deftness of writing and plot twists means 'Nothing to Hide' is anything but another straight forward procedural. I'm a big fan of James Oswald. Just when you think you have the plot worked out, Oswald throws in another curveball to wrong foot you. That's why he's a bestselling writer. That's why he's one of Scotland's most respected authors and that is why he's got two hit crime fiction series on his hands. Constance Fairchild is going to be a force to be reckoned with and has all the ingredients of being a memorable creation.

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