Peter James

Not Dead Yet

"If you are looking for a top class police procedural then you would be foolish not to read ‘Not Dead Yet"


L.A. producer Larry Brooker believes that this is the movie that can bring him the fortune he has long pursued. Rock superstar Gaia believes that her role will see her taken seriously as an actor and could even land her an Oscar nomination.

For the city of Brighton and Hove, the publicity value of a major Hollywood movie of the city's greatest love story – between King George IV and Maria Fitzherbert – being filmed on location is inestimable.

Detective Superintendent Roy Grace has a nightmare forming before his eyes. He is in charge of the police security for Gaia who is the subject of death threats and narrowly escaped an attempt on her life before leaving her Bel Air home. Grace has been warned of obsessed stalkers and has another murder to contend with while trying to protect Gaia.

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James' latest outing for Roy Grace sees him weave a series of unconnected threads in a tapestry of intrigue and misdirection. In a typically well researched novel James lays down a beguiling plot which grabs the reader and holds them tight until the final page is turned. The plotting is so skilfully done I only guessed the killers identity one whole page before the reveal. The sub plot of Sandy's disappearance which runs through the series is building up to a climax but once again James has left the reader guessing as to what will happen. Grace is his usual robust and daring self, although Glenn Branson is being moved more to the forefront. Gaia is a strong support character along with the odious Brooker. As ever the prose is pitch perfect and while James' research shines out of the novel it never detracts from the story. (Some authors show off their research but James never falls into this trap). If you are looking for a top class police procedural then you would be foolish not to read 'Not Dead Yet'.

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