Elisabeth Elo

North of Boston

"Haunting, emotive and compelling..."


Pirio Kasparov is a survivor. When the fishing boat she was on in the North Atlantic is rammed by a freighter she finds herself abandoned and alone in the freezing waters for nearly four hours before she is rescued. Pirio's friend, Ned, is not so lucky. He disappears without a trace.

As Pirio becomes suspicious that the boat's sinking was not the accident she believed, she begins to unravel a lethal plot that will lead her to whale grounds of Northern Canada, teach. To survive she must overcome a deadly betrayal from someone in her past, and, most importantly, learn to trust her own instincts above all else.

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Haunting, emotive and compelling, 'North of Boston' is an amazing tale and an incredibly strong debut novel that begins on the East coast of America, and culminates in the dark and atmospheric whaling waters of Northern Canada. When we meet protagonist Pirio she is just coming to terms with the loss of her friend, and her own inexplicable survival. It is only as she pushes to find out who is responsible for the tragedy that the realisation there may have been more to it than a simple accident slowly begins to dawn. One of the best things about 'North of Boston', was its pace, as realistic and true to life as its heroine, it ensures the storyline is intense but not rushed. Elisabeth Elo has written this book so well that your own curiosity is piqued at every turn as Pirio's investigations continue. I found myself urging her onward as she progressed through the mystery, and I even caught myself vocalising these thoughts as the book continued. In Pirio Kasparov the author has created a delightful, tenacious and determined heroine that I would certainly like to know more about.

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