Peter Robinson

No Cure For Love

"...shows that Robinson was writing great fiction back then as he does these days."


Hollywood stars are liable to get fan letters, sometimes even threatening letters, but Sarah Broughton starts to get worried when a series of strange letters are followed up by the discovery of a dismembered body on the beach near her isolated home in Malibu.

Arvo Hughes is a detective working in LAPD's Threat Management Unit. He works with all the weirdos who threaten individuals and has experience of the strangest, but he is not sure what is happening with Sarah's stalker. He investigates Sarah's colourful past and is sure that is where the answer lies.

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This is a story from Peter Robinson's past and simply shows that Robinson was writing great fiction back then as he does these days. Written twenty years ago and never published in the UK, it is a stand-alone mystery written about Hollywood. For a writer brought up in the UK and living in Canada it was an ambitious project to write about a completely different environment. As a reviewer living in Britain I certainly am convinced by it, but an introduction by Michael Connelly confirms that it works for him as a real 'Angeleno'. I admire Peter Robinson's skill in giving us believable and attractive characters. Sarah and her British family ring true, as do Arvo and the cast of people in Hollywood. Robinson has a fine ear for dialogue that helps establish place and background. The tension and tautness of the plot make this book an exciting read. Beware assuming you know who the perpetrator is too soon. You will be wrong.

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