Neil White

Next To Die

"'...‘Next to Die’ is a thundering rollercoaster ride...'"


Joe Parker is Manchester's most ingenious criminal defence lawyer. Sam Parker is Manchester's most tenacious homicide detective. Both bear the burden of the unsolved murder of their sister fifteen years earlier, and both have a stake in a new series of murders that has shaken their city to its core.

Ronnie Bagley is locked up and facing trial for the murder of his girlfriend and baby and there's only one lawyer he wants to defend him: Joe Parker. As Joe takes to the courtroom to represent Ronnie, little does he know that Bagley is smarter than anyone has given him credit for, and soon Joe will find himself pitched against his own brother, Sam, in a race to outwit the most terrifying serial killer the city has ever seen.

It isn't long before Joe and Sam's shared past comes crashing into the present in a pulse-pounding race to find out who is NEXT TO DIE...

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Neil White’s previous book ‘Beyond Evil’ had me purring about his fantastic characterisation and in ‘Next to Die’ he outdoes himself. Both Joe and Sam are strong enough characters to carry a book themselves. Together they combine to elevate this novel above its many contemporaries. Each has strengths and weaknesses and their differing careers keep them in a state of never-ending conflict. Supplementary characters such as Monica, Ronnie, Gina and Kim are all created with an artisan’s eye for detail, but it is the brothers who dominate the skyline. The plot is so engaging, readers will lose many hours of their lives playing the ‘just one more chapter’ card. It wends and weaves its way through your psyche as you are drawn into the Parker brother’s worlds. Very little is as it seems initially and as the pages turn, the suspense dial gets twisted right up to eleven. White’s penmanship is another of his strengths and his narratives breathe life into any situation with his vivid descriptions and perfect settings. All in all ‘Next to Die’ is a thundering rollercoaster ride which would enhance anyone’s bookshelf.

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