Lisa Gardner

Never Tell

"An interesting enough plot if somewhat unbelievable..."


One death might be an accident. Two deaths look like murder.

A man is shot dead in his own home, and his pregnant wife, Evie, is found with the gun in her hands.

Detective D.D. Warren instantly recognises her. Sixteen years ago, Evie also shot her own father. That killing was ruled an accident.

D.D. doesn't believe in coincidences. But this case isn't as open and shut as it first appears, and her job is to discover the truth.

Evie might be a victim. Or she might be about to get away with murder again.

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Investigating the case is DD Warren, one of Gardner's regular characters. In fact, Gardner has three of her regular characters featuring in the book as DD is assisted by abduction survivor Flora Dane and FBI Agent Kimberley Quincey. Whilst I like getting to know regular characters in any book, for some reason I can't get to like Flora Dane. Surviving her abduction and torture she is now struggling to integrate with life and has become a vigilante to help other victims. Gardner constantly flits back to snapshots of when Flora was with Jacob Ness, but these seem to serve little purpose. Flora's story has already been told and I don't get why there are still constant references to a story that has been told. Written from the perspective of the three main characters, 'Never Tell' builds a web of deceit and mystery. With much of the investigation taking place on the dark web, DD and Flora work together with Quincey to investigate the murder of Evie's husband and also the death of her father all those years ago. I found the book a little bit of a slow burner with it taking some time for the story to really get going. An interesting enough plot if somewhat unbelievable and also repetitive at times. Gardner used to be one of my 'go to' authors but her introduction of Flora Dane has taken away a lot of my enjoyment of her books.

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