Jonathan Aycliffe

Naomi’s Room

""...the first of Aycliffe’s ghost stories and one of the scariest. " "


It is Christmas Eve and Charles takes his young daughter, Naomi to London to see the lights and do some last minute shopping. What should have been a heart-warming experience turns in to horror as Naomi goes missing in the busy streets of London. All Charles and his wife, Laura can do is hope for her safe return. A few days later Naomi's body is found.

Returning to the family home, Charles begins to hear noises in the family home. Naomi's body was found, but is she really dead? As reality begins to shift Charles cannot but help himself feel as though something momentous is about to happen that will consume his whole family.

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This title was the first of Aycliffe's ghost stories and one of the scariest. I read this back in 1991 when it first came out and boy, did it frighten the bejeezus out of me! This is that marvel, the classic ghost story written in modern times. This does have the feel of a du Maurier who herself was adept at writing a chilling tale. Over less than two hundred pages, Aycliffe takes us to the precipice and shows us the tormented and dark depths of madness and possession. I really cannot say much more without spoiling the whole thing for you. All I can say is if you enjoy more of a chilling ghost story during your festive season, then this one is a tale I feel you would enjoy. It is short and sharp which I feel is perfect for the ghost story genre as it is just long enough to sustain that much needed suspense of impending dread. As always, this is best read with all the lights on and preferably someone else in the house – someone living that is!

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