Lizzy Barber

My Name Is Anna

"My Name is Anna’ is an excellent read that comes highly recommended."


Anna has been taught that virtue is the path to God. But on her eighteenth birthday she defies her Mamma's rules and visits Florida's biggest theme park.

She has never been allowed to go – so why, when she arrives, does everything seem so familiar? And is there a connection to the mysterious letter she receives on the same day?

Rosie has grown up in the shadow of the missing sister she barely remembers, her family fractured by years of searching without leads. Now, on the fifteenth anniversary of her sister's disappearance, the media circus resumes in full flow, and Rosie vows to uncover the truth.

But will she find the answer before it tears her family apart?

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Rosie lives at home with her parents and brother. Her sister has been missing for 15 years since being taken at a theme park when on holiday. The book goes from Rosie to Anna, both telling their stories and how the events have affected them and their lives. Barber really manages to capture the emotion felt by both families and the despair they are feeling. Anna's mother is very puritan and lacking any emotion or affection. Whilst she isn't a pleasant character, once the story unfolds there is almost some understanding of why she behaves in this manner. The plot builds with more characters and threads being introduced giving depth and substance to both the characters and the story that is being told. Barber has spent as much time and focus on delivering an exciting story line as she has on characters that as a reader you are rooting for, and actually care what happens to them. The two girls' stories start on their own, slowly they begin to get closer and closer until they finally converge in a dramatic climax. 'My Name is Anna' is an excellent read that comes highly recommended.

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