Vaseem Khan

Murder at the Grand Raj Palace

""...another enjoyable read in this enchanting series." "


The Baby Ganesh Detective Agency, with ex-Inspector Chopra at the helm, is once more enmeshed in the world of the rich and famous as the Inspector tries to unravel the mysterious death of an American billionaire in the surrounds of The Grand Raj Palace Hotel. Second home to the world's elite and a place where scandal and unpleasant deaths are unwelcome, The Grand Raj Palace must retain its air of luxury and calm, unsullied by any suspicion of scandal. Accordingly management are encouraging the idea of suicide. Chopra's old colleague, who is in charge of the investigation, is not happy with this solution. He privately calls in Chopra to make more inquiries. What Chopra discovers leads to many possible suspects for murder.

Whilst all this is going on, Mrs Chopra is worrying about the celebration of their special wedding anniversary: to be precise her husband's lack of appreciation of the importance the event is to her. As she takes things into her own hands, she manages to uncover at least part of the mysteries that her husband needs to resolve.

And all the time the delightful Baby Ganesh accompanies his owner, winning friends wherever he goes.

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The Baby Ganesh Detective Agency is now well established, and the characters of Inspector Chopra, his wife, Poppy, the boy Irfan and the baby elephant, Ganesh, are firm favourites with me. I am amazed at the acceptance of a baby elephant trotting along behind his owner into the most unlikely of places but am willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of the story. Khan always sprinkles a hint of the mysterious east in his books and it all adds to the atmosphere of the vibrant and colourful India that Khan evokes. And I always learn something new about the habits and places of the sub-continent when I read one of these books. The plot is clever and leaves you in suspense to the last minute. Altogether, another enjoyable read in this enchanting series.

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