Nigel Bird

Mr Suit

"Mr Suit’ is a tense and thrilling novella.."


Archie works for local gangster Mr Suit, or at least he did until a bullet left him with Locked-In Syndrome. Now he's imprisoned in his own body. Reliant on his wife Liza he can only communicate by blinking.

Archie craves a dignified exit from his life and to help him, Liza arranges for Mr Suit to euthanize him. Unfortunately things go terrifically wrong and chaos ensues as Liza ends up fighting Mr Suit for her own life.

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Nigel Bird is one of the better known writers among those who have plied their trade on the internet and in various anthologies. With 'Mr Suit' he shows the wealth of experience he has gained from this medium. The prose is tight rope taut and the plotting first class. The central character of Liza is well drawn and the drip feed of her commentary about Archie's feelings is brilliantly done. Mr Suit is suitably odious without straying in to cliché. All in all 'Mr Suit' is a tense and thrilling novella which deserves a place on your bookshelf.

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