M.J. Arlidge

M.J. Arlidge – Liar Liar

""...the last page was left on a slight cliff hanger - things are looking to get even more interesting!" "


In the dead of night, three raging fires light up the city skies. It's more than a tragic coincidence. For DI Helen Grace the flames announce the arrival of an evil she has never encountered before.

This is no fire-starter seeking sick thrills, but something more chilling: a series of careful, calculating acts of murder. But why were the victims chosen? What's driving the killer? And who will be next?

A powder keg of fear, suspicion and dread has been laid. Now all it needs is a spark to set it off.

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'Liar Liar' sees Southampton's finest, DI Helen Grace, return in the hunt for a killer. I wasn't sure what to expect as the killer wasn't 'hands on'. I did wonder if this would mean the book would lose its edge, but as soon as I started reading, any worries I had soon dissipated and I lost myself in the story. Arlidge manages to finely balance a gripping story line whilst also involving the characters' personal lives. However, this does not encroach too much and adds to the plot, giving depth and reasoning to their personalities. Arlidge always manages to find a new twist and 'Liar Liar' is no exception. The killing isn't one on one, but it is still quite brutal. By the time the killer is revealed at the end, Arlidge had managed to elicit some sympathy for them, making me feel they were as much a victim. All loose ends were tied up making me feel totally satisfied with this story. And DI Grace will be back very soon in her next book as the last page was left on a slight cliff hanger - things are looking to get even more interesting!

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