Harlan Coben

Long Lost

"Myron Bolitar is back and he’s better than ever."


Myron Bolitar hasn't heard from Terese Collins since their brief, yet torrid affair ended ten years ago, so her phone call from Paris catches him completely unawares. In a shocking confession, Terese reveals the truth behind her disappearance—her struggles to get pregnant, her happiness when her baby was born…and the terrible accident that robbed her of it all: her marriage, her happiness and her only daughter.

Now a suspect in the murder of her ex-husband in Paris, Terese has no-one and nowhere else to turn for help. Myron does what he does and heeds the call. But then a staggering piece of evidence turns the entire case upside down, laying bare Terese's long-buried family secrets…and the very real possibility that her daughter may actually still be alive.

In danger of their lives from unknown attackers in a country where nothing is as it seems, Myron and Terese race to stay a step ahead of the French Police, Interpol, and Mossad. Soon they are working at breakneck pace, not only to learn what really happened to Terese's long-lost little girl— but to uncover a sinister plot with shocking global implications.

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Myron Bolitar is back and he's better than ever. There are successful authors who suffer from the book a year expectation set on them by their publisher, but Harlan Coben isn't one of them. Perhaps it's because he is “allowed” to alternate between his one-off novels and the Bolitar books. Whatever the reason let's be grateful because with this book he continues to meets all the quality hallmarks we have come to expect. For anyone out there who hasn't tried the Bolitar series, you have a wise-cracking, ass-kicking investigator (that's Myron) and his billionaire sociopath sidekick (that would be Windsor Horne Lockwood III, or Win to his friends). Helping them out in the office you have Big Cyndi and Esperanza, a former championship winning tag team. Yup, that's “tag team” as in wrestling. Only in a Harlan Coben book. One commentator recently opined that Coben was the introducer of a new genre, the “soft-boiled” crime novel. My take on that is he has taken the elements of so-called hard-boiled crime novels and added some heart. Coben is a master at getting you to care about his characters then putting them in mortal danger, all the while maintaining a cracking pace and keeping you guessing right up to the last page. In Long Lost, the team we have come to know and love are faced with a global situation. One that could put us all at risk. When I first realised that radical fundamentalist Muslims were the enemy, my first thought was, oh here we go again, but being Harlan Coben, he manages to inject his own thought-provoking and imaginative twist. This is one writer who deserves all of the hype he receives and in Long Lost he is at the height of his powers. Loved it.

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