Christopher Fowler

London’s Glory

"You can never go wrong with a festive drop of Bryant and May."


Here are eleven cases from the Bryant and May vault spanning from the sixties to present day. Included are is the case of the sinister circus master and the missing spy, to the femme fatale who claims she will kill a man to May, a dead woman in a snow-covered field and no footprints in sight, a story narrated by Janice Longbright, and the case where both detectives failed to pin two murders on a Estonian-Polish model. Our two detectives also take a London tour bus to catch a killer and solve a case on a yacht in Turkey.

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'London's Glory' is the perfect climbing on point for any who have not read this series – or a box of delights for those of us who have been there since the beginning! Here, Fowler gives a short, precise biography of each recurring character along with a wonderful imagining of the Peculiar Crimes Unit. At the back of the book, Fowler goes through the books of the series thus far. Reading this part made me want to read all Fowler's books again! In between are eleven cases for our wonderful duo – Arthur Bryant with his usual brusque (a polite way of saying rude) whilst his ever patient partner in crime, John May tries to smooth over Bryant's lack of social etiquette whilst being in awe of Bryant's ability to hone in on the truth to a complex puzzle. All the PCU crew are present and Fowler also delivers his usual menagerie of mystics and mediums to add a pizzazz of the bizarre. You can tell Fowler is a great lover of the Golden Age of Crime as many of the stories here are reminiscent of that era. You even have the locked room murder included here. What makes Fowler's writing stand out is his comedic timing. There are some wonderful quips that made me laugh out loud! Many of these tales are around Christmas, so this makes the perfect Xmas present for the crime fan in your family, which is why this collection is also featured on the Crimesquad Christmas Top Ten 2016. You can never go wrong with a festive drop of Bryant and May.

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