David Ellis

Line of Vision

"like a great mix of Harlan Coben and John Grisham"


Marty Kalish is a young man suffocating in the heat of an affair with a married woman named Rachel. When Rachel's husband disappears one night, Marty is one of the first to be questioned. With few likely suspects, the police arrest him for murder. We know Marty was outside their home that night. We know he has a motive. You know he's guilty of something. But is it murder? Everything we learn—about Marty as a man, his affair with Rachel, and the night in question—comes from Marty himself. You want him to be innocent, but the more he tells us, the more you fear he is guilty. And as the twists and turns of the plot unfold, you can't be completely sure.

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The story unfolds with Marty Kalish being caught in a nightmare and trying to help himself and the woman he is having an affair with. Throughout the book, you are aware of something going on which has not been fully explained, and characters entering the story which need to be placed and explained, which they are at the end, but they certainly give the book some suspense. Marty isn't the easiest character to empathise with as he appeared to me to be very weak willed and easily led. That being said, books are often written in a way that the reader still wants someone to get away with a crime, be them innocent or guilty, and other you just wait to receive their comeuppance. This book to me was like a great mix of Harlan Coben and John Grisham and was a great read and certainly another author to look out for.

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