Gytha Lodge

Lie Beside Me

""An excellent read." "


Louise wakes up, suffering the effects of a humdinger of a hangover, turns over to her husband. Only the man beside her is not her husband, nor is he breathing. What should she do?

Louise struggles to remember what actually happened. Subject to lapses of memory following intermittent drinking bouts, she slowly pieces together what has occurred but the truth is only revealed bit by tiny bit.

The police consider Louise to be the most likely suspect but there are other candidates. Many secrets are there to be discovered.

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As well as being a gripping read, full of twists and turns, this book looks at the complex relationships between partners, the importance and depth of friendship, and the aftermath of the ultimate betrayal. Each character contributes a little touch of mystery and confusion to the proceedings. I loved 'Lie Beside Me'. I found the beginning took a little while to get going as I worked out the relationships and who depended on whom. However, soon the excitement ratcheted up and by half-way I found it impossible to put down Lodge's new book. This is a very original tale, set very much in the today with all the relationships and technology of modern life. An excellent read.

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