Glenn Cooper

Library of the Dead

"..perfect for the beach.."


There is a killer on the loose in New York. His tag is the Doomsday Killer. He already has six victims under his belt. But the police haven't got a clue what singles out these people – they have nothing in common with each other, the only thing they all had at the time of death was a postcard telling the victim when they were going to die. After one of his colleagues originally put on the case is taken ill, Will Piper is put in charge.

Soon the investigation takes an astonishing and personal turn. Could Piper have done something so bad in his formative years that he unwittingly made a man become a killer? But the truth lies further in the past: back to the eighth century when a sinister library was being gathered in the dark underground of a monastery – the knowledge of which is kept secret to this very day from the world. Could the terrible deaths of today been foreseen all those centuries ago? It takes Will Piper to stand up against a power stronger than he. Can he survive to reach the end of the investigation?

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Let me put this title in to perspective. Is it going to be a life changing book? No. Are you going to feel resonances of this book days after finishing it? Not very likely. Is it the kind of book that keeps me flipping those pages over as it is gripping? More than likely, yes! Library of the Dead is what I would class as candy floss for the brain. Quality candy floss though... It is an exciting read to begin with, although the story does seem to loose its way a little during the middle, but then appears to get back on track for the finale. This title is the sort of book perfect for the beach (I hazard a guess that is why it is being released in time for the summer market). You will not go far wrong with this book whilst cooking under the Mediterranean sun, for example. You will enjoy it and pass it on to the next person. You may not even remember the plot very well but you will know that you enjoyed it. So, please go ahead and read this strange, yet intriguing book. Da Vinci Code it ain't, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, is it?

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