Alex Connor

Legacy of Blood

"Connor doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to different methods of murder..."


For the seven passengers on board, the flight back to London was supposed to be a shortcut. However their return from an art auction turns into one of the most dangerous journeys they will ever make.

A slip of the tongue reveals the existence of a priceless painting and exposes a conspiracy dating back to the sixteenth century. All of the passengers on the plane are caught up in a race to locate the painting themselves. However within a day of their return, three people have been silenced. Someone knows the devastating consequences of the painting coming to light and is trying to capture the painting for their own agenda.

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This is a barn-stormer of a book from page one. There are art experts, high class hookers, amateur detectives and a malevolent madam all vying for supremacy along with mysterious underworld figures. The pace is nicely judged between dramatic set pieces and necessary explanations. Alex Connor is a connoisseur and her exacting prose is a delight to the appreciative eye. She can say so much about emotions and interplay between characters with a few well chosen words. The lead characters are all beautifully created although I thought Sir Oliver was the best as his battle was the hardest to fight. Charlene Fleet and Liza were other standouts although the lead character of Victor had an air of 'drawn by numbers' in comparison to the other main characters. Connor doesn't pull any punches when it comes to different methods of murder and some were worthy of a late night lynch mob such was their brutality. Yet they fitted the story and ramped up the tension far better than any traditional kills ever could. All in all I found Legacy of Blood to be an intriguing crime thriller with enough blood, gore and detection to satisfy any fan of this genre.

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