Robert Gregory Browne

Kiss Her Goodbye

"This story is a classic ‘race against time’ thriller told with the originality of a very different perspective…"


AFT Agent Jack Donovan has two ambitions in life. First, take down cult leader Alex Gunderson after years of violent mayhem. Second, reconnect with his daughter, Jessie, who has somehow managed to slip out of his life. Unfortunately for Jack, none of his experience as a stellar cop or an absent father has prepared him for the unthinkable way these two parts of his life are about to collide.

In a desperate act of revenge, Gunderson kidnaps Jessie and buries her alive. Then, just as Jack's team is closing in, Gunderson is shot dead and the secret to Jessie's location is lost with him. With only a few precious hours of oxygen to sustain her, and with no single clue pointing in her direction, Jessie is sure to die unless Jack can somehow find her. Armed with a father's love and a new found understanding of the power of family, Jack would trade anything at all to save his daughter - even his own life.

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With more than a little of the supernatural and 'other world' element to this book, it may not appeal to those that who the more traditional crime thrillers. The story is a little messy, featuring a mix of terrorism, crime and the supernatural and perheps it would have fared better had just one of these threads been explored and expanded upon. A couple of the characters engage in some good interaction and the beginnings of a new relationship which I feel will possibly be further developed in subsequent books. Although the reader is given some background and history to the main characters, I would have preferred a little more in order to have understood what it was in the past that made them into who they are today. However, the characters shown were very solid. This story is a classic 'race against time' thriller told with the originality of a very different perspective and the author was able to keep me interested to the very end.

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