Jon Osborne

Kill Me Once

"Osborne seems very comfortable in his writing style.."


Nathan Stiedowe is seeking perfection – and he has been learning from the best. Recreating some of the most sickening murders in history, his objective appears chillingly simple, but his true motive remains unclear.

On the trail of this sadistic monster is FBI Special Agent Dana Whitestone. Driven by the brutal childhood slaying of her parents, Dana's relentless pursuit of the most evil and twisted criminals has seen her profile many violent cases. But never has she encountered a maniac as demented as Stiedowe, or a mind as horrifyingly disturbed

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Kill Me Once is the debut novel from Osborne. As with many protagonists, Special Agent Dana Whitestone has her own personal reasons for wanting to join the FBI - the murder of her parents when she was only 4 years old. With the murder still unsolved, it would seem that the most recent case she is working on is somehow linked to her parent's murders. Despite being a brand new character, Whitestone has a familiar feel to her. With plenty of imperfections and problems of her own, the reader is able to relate and identify with her, and she is a character that is both realistic and easy to like. Assertive without being arrogant. The plot is pretty complicated and one that probably wont be solved by guesswork by the reader. However, it is still very well written and Osborne seems very comfortable in his writing style and writes like a seasoned professional. The ending is left with the possibility that Whitestone may not return to the FBI, but I am hoping that she will return to law enforcement on some level as I would like to see her return and explore how her character grows and progesses.

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