Tess Gerritsen

Keeping the Dead

"... brilliantly written and with a thoroughly climactic ending."


She is Pilgrim's Hospital's most unusual patient, and on this Saturday night a media circus is gathered to record every minute of her visit to the x-ray department. Crammed into the small CT scan room are reporters, TV cameras, a select group of medical technicians and forensic pathologist, Maura Isles.

Maura is there beacuse the patient being scanned tonight isn't alive. She has probably been dead for centuries. She is, in fact, a mummy.

As the CT scan proceeds, everyone in the room leans in close, and gasps in horror as an image of a bullet is revealed. Maura declares it a possible homicide and calls in Detective Jane Rizzoli.

When the preserved body of a second victim is found, and then a third, it becomes all too clear that not only is a maniac at large but he is taunting them. Unless Maura and Jane can find and stop him, he will soon be adding yet another chilling piece to his monstrous collection.

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When I first started to read Keeping the Dead I was slightly concerned to learn that it was being billed as 'the new Maura Isles thriller' as I have previously found this character of Gerritson's to be quite aloof, cold - and at times weak. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find Jane Rizzoli taking more than a passing role in this book as she is such a strong, more likeable character. She is not the nicest of people per se, but I find this only makes her more realistic and endearing. Gerritson is definitely back on top form with Keeping the Dead. With her usual in-depth research this book provided a facsinating insight to ancient rituals whilst still having a more contemporary plot. This plot was at times a little transparent but was brilliantly written and with a thoroughly climactic ending.

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