James Patterson

Judge and Jury

""Patterson loses none of his ability to keep up the fast-paced trademark style of all his books." "


Senior FBI agent Nick Pellisante is closing in on the notorious mob boss "The Electrician", when the scheduled sting goes spectacularly wrong. Two FBI agents are dead, the boss is wounded, and Pellisante vows the Electrician's next move will be from a jail cell.

Andie Echeverra, a part-time actress and a single, full-time mother, is assigned her next role as Juror #11 in the landmark trial against Mafia Don, Dominic Cavello. Everybody is on edge. No one has ever crossed the man whose orders have made entire families disappear.

Though Cavello's influence extends across blue uniforms and black robes, the case should be open-and-shut. But the legal system fails with devastating results, and Nick and Andie are the only ones left to seek justice. To stop the Electrician, they must take matters into their own hands. They are the judge and jury now…

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With a slight shift from serial killers and murders to the world of Mafia and terrorism, Patterson loses none of his ability to keep up the fast-paced trademark style of all his books. Judge and Jury see Andie and Nick looking for retribution when the legal system fails them. My only gripe about the book is Andie's reaction to loosing her son. I found it unrealistic, as there was no real anger or grief shown at the loss of her child. All she seemed to want to do was to get into bed with Nick. As a mother, this annoyed me and felt totally unbelievable. However, the grand twist at the end appeased me of this slight annoyance. Patterson quickly builds his characters and makes them very easy to identify with. As usually, there is also a clear definition between 'good' and 'bad'. Whilst not on a par with Patterson's earlier offerings such as Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls, Judge and Jury is still a gripping, enjoyable read.

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