Lynda La Plante

Judas Horse

"Judas Horse’ gallops like a wild mustang!"


'Do you know what a Judas Horse is? When the wild mustangs are running free, you corral one and train it. When he's ready, you release him and he'll bring his team back into the corral - like Judas betraying them...'

Violent burglars have been terrorising residents across the English countryside. But when a mutilated body is discovered in a Cotswolds house, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary group of opportunist thieves.

As Detective Jack Warr investigates, he discovers locals with dark secrets, unearths hidden crimes - and hits countless dead ends. With few leads and the violent attacks escalating, he will have to act as audaciously as the criminals if he hopes to stop them.

When Warr meets Charlotte Miles, a terrified woman with links to the group, he must use her to lure the unsuspecting killers into one last job, and into his trap. But with the law already stretched to breaking point, any failure will be on Warr's head - and any more blood spilled, on his hands.

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I have been a big fan of La Plante's books for years. I loved the first in this series, 'Buried' and plunged into 'Judas Horse' as soon as it was in my hot little hands! It was great to be back in Warr's company. La Plante definitely makes him someone you can root for – and I was especially cheering Warr on when he belted someone who deserved it! As with her TV shows, La Plante is so good at keeping the tension going that her story won't let go until finished. With me, it is always one more chapter, one more chapter as the early hours of the morning come and go!! La Plante knows when to push that button to make her books buck and gain even more momentum, leaving you breathless. 'Judas Horse' gallops like a wild mustang!

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