Pater Temple

In the Evil Day

""This exciting novel is very well written, and firmly holds the reader’s attention throughout.""


Con Niemand, an ex-mercenary security guard, is present during a vicious armed robbery in Johannesburg and is the only person left alive. He finds a videotape that appears to be of value - and rashly contacts those looking for it in return for money.

Meanwhile John Anselm, a former journalist working for a private intelligence agency in Hamburg, picks up the trail on behalf of dubious clients and Caroline Wishart, a pushy posh tabloid hack in London, also stumbles in on the action. The owners of the videotape, or those implicated by what it contains, try to track down Con in a violent trail of carnage across London. In Hamburg John finds his past and present wrapping up his conscience whilst danger circles, meanwhile Caroline finds herself increasingly out of her depth in the murky world of the secret services.

All three are swept up in the intrigue as the action develops.

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This exciting novel is very well written, and firmly holds the reader's attention throughout. The three plot strands, however, are possibly more successful in isolation, and tend to detract when they try and tell the larger story. The different scenes and characters are certainly well described and convincing enough, but in my view the three separate strands of the story are not satisfactorily woven together to a convincing conclusion. Part of the problem lies in the excellent writing itself. A taught and sparse style maintains tension and interest, and does assist characterisation well, but does not allow enough time and space to bring the story together. This is a perfectly well done novel but felt a bit like eating fast food: easy to consume, difficult to put down, but ultimately unsatisfying and easily forgettable.

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