Pauline Rowson

In For The Kill

"For those who have an interest in boats and the sea…"


Alex Albury has just spent three and a half years locked up in Camp Hill Prison on the Isle of White for fraud and embezzlement. As a result he has encountered several unpleasant and violent characters. He has lost his wife - who has remarried - and, more importantly, his two sons. When he comes out of prison he meets resentment and anger from those who believe he has defrauded them. He relies on his solicitor to help him find the real embezzler, one James Andover, but the trail keeps going cold.

Soon he finds that some of the answers lie in his own past. Worried by the interest the police continue to have in him - it is only at the very end that the truth becomes apparent.

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For those who have an interest in boats and the sea, this has a background of sailing that is ever present but not overpowering. As well as being a crime story this is also an action tale as Alex Albury has to stand up for himself against some truly violent opponents. The reader's sympathy is with the hero as he is constantly frustrated in his task of finding his persecutor but it does seem evident from the beginning that at least part of the solution must lie in his past. The final solution is a surprise but there are elements that seem to me to be rather predictable. However, if you want a good read to absorb you – perhaps whilst lounging on deck - this will fill the bill.

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