I Made A Mistake

"Definitely worth a read"


It wasn't meant to happen, it was just the once and it was a massive mistake. And now he's dead.

Poppy Page has the life she's always dreamed of, hasn't she? She has a lovely husband, two daughters, an amazing mother-in-law, and a thriving talent agency, but the grass always looks greener.

Matthew Gordon was a figure in her past, one she has moved on from, until he walks back into her life, and she starts wondering what if? Poppy make a single mistake, one that is going to come back and haunt her.

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She did indeed make a mistake! A weak moment was all it took to change her life and make her regret it forever, but in a twist that even she didn't see coming. I could feel the tension for Poppy growing as she tried to bury this mistake and I really felt for her, reading her experience it does make you wonder how you would handle a situation like this, especially when he keeps getting in contact and beyond this. I felt the anger, frustration and regret with her, but also sadness that what she thought was a moment between them turned sour. I thoroughly enjoyed how Corry told the story between Poppy and her mother-in-law, Betty. Betty's chapters are written to us as letters from Betty to Poppy, her life story in letters building up to a crucial moment of explanation, which ran really well in line with the novel and the plot twist. Corry placed this well for you to believe 'whodunit' whilst propositioning a twist in the mix, a double twist in fact. Whilst I enjoyed this novel there was a lacking element of surprise for me, but also frustration as I just wanted to shake Poppy. For me, the double twists picked up the pace of the novel. Definitely worth a read.

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