Sheila Bugler

I Could Be You

"I Could Be You’ roars from the opening page..."


On a stifling hot day, former journalist Dee Doran finds the crumpled body of her friend at the roadside. Katie and her little boy, Jake, have been a light in Dee’s otherwise desolate life – now a woman is dead and a child is missing.

Katie has been keeping secrets for a long time. Years earlier, she fell for the wrong person. But he was in love with someone else; who he couldn’t have but couldn’t keep away from. When jealousy and desire spilled over into murder Katie hid the truth, and has been pretending ever since.

As Dee assists the police with their enquiries she’s compelled to investigate too. She realises Katie wasn’t who she claimed to be. Lies are catching up. Stories are unravelling. Revenge is demanded and someone must pay the price. The question is: who?

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With her new psychological novel, Bugler pitched me straight into her story. With the confidence of an artist, Bugler sets the scene from page one, the hot summers’ day, the quiet, dusty country road, the twisted body of a woman splayed across the tarmac. With this description on page one Bugler had me hooked! Bugler slowly unravels her plot, scratching away at the surface and tempting you to read on as more layers are peeled away. Travelling from the past to the present, Bugler shows the varying degrees of obsession within her cast of characters. We all have some obsession or other, from regretting a love affair that swallowed up years of our lives, to a love that will not ever be returned. Dee is not your usual hero, but Bugler delivers well-rounded people you can understand and feel for, Dee in particular. Having arrived at a dead end in her life, she is not sure where she can turn to put her life back on track. Without making Dee an object of pity, Bugler charts Dee’s emotional state with sharp accuracy. The search for the truth of what happened on her doorstep, brings Dee’s whole being alive as her journalistic instincts begin to burn again. ‘I Could Be You’ roars from the opening page like the Eastbourne waves in a storm. It is relentless and won’t let you go. I was entranced by this book. Bugler shows all her characters emotionally raw, even those with only a small part to play in the drama. Not everyone gets over the finish line, and when they didn’t I was quite emotional about it. This is writing I love. A writer who draws out every part of herself to write about people you come to care about, events that ring true and can put the reader through the emotional wringer! Having finished Bugler’s story, those people are still rolling about my mind which is always a sign of a brilliant story well told. This is one book I will be pushing on to people in 2020!

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