Hold Your Tongue

"'...an addictive read and one that will steal your time... '"


In the run up to Christmas, a serial killer stalks the streets of Aberdeen. A brutal murder. A young woman’s body is discovered with horrifying injuries, a recent newspaper cutting pinned to her clothing.

A detective with everything to prove. This is her only chance to redeem herself.

A serial killer with nothing to lose. He’s waited years, and his reign of terror has only just begun…

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Masson launches her reader and detective, Eve Hunter straight in to the thick of it from the start. From the discovery of a woman in an hotel room who has been viciously murdered, Masson delivers squeamish chills galore. After this discovery, things appear to settle down and I felt that despite the excellent start that Masson, along with her team of detectives slightly lost their way. But I ask you to persevere as when Eve meets her co-worker Sanders who was invalided out of the police force – something officers blame Eve for, then Masson’s story really kicks in to overdrive and I ended up reading over three hundred pages and finishing at 3am! Masson is clever at casting suspicion on different people, including some in Eve’s own team, leaving me slightly unsure who to believe and propelling me onwards. Other murders ensue and finally the link between them is found which I felt was well thought out and brought the whole plot together. I felt there could be more depth to Eve and her team, but I am sure Masson will flesh out these characters and make them more three-dimensional in the next books. It will be interesting to see how Eve and the team deal with the aftermath of ‘Hold Your Tongue’ For a debut, this was an addictive read and you will be asking loved ones to hold their tongues while you race to the end of this gripping book.

Reviewed By:

Chris Simmons