Michael Robotham

Good Girl, Bad Girl

""I enjoyed this book from start to finish...""


A young girl is discovered hiding in a secret room, filthy, malnourished and living with a dead body. No one can find any information on her, and she won't talk, who is she and where has she come from?

Jump to six years ahead, still unidentified and with no one coming forward for her, she is living in a secure children's home and renamed Evie Cormac. Claiming to be eighteen and wanting to be released as an adult sees her meet forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven who is brought in to determine her fate.

In the midst of this, Cyrus is involved in investigating the murder of high school student, Jodie, who dies under suspicious circumstances on a lonely footpath close to home. With a tragic past of his own, Cyrus and Evie's lives are brought together, and he strives to solve the cases of both girls, living and dead, but at what cost?

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I enjoyed this book from start to finish as there is a cloud of mystery surrounding Evie and Cyrus. Both of them have suffered with such dark pasts, I just love how the author brought these troubled souls together and lets us watch how it plays out. As a reader, I felt intrigued by them and how they both have led their lives on from what they have dealt, as well as the present day with Cyrus' drive to help her and the bond this creates between them. Cyrus has this old school nature about him, with him living in his grandparents crumbling house, the lack of phone and only a pager for contact. Which, actually I think Evie needs when being welcomed back into the real world, this eased her into reality without all the wonders of technology and fanciness. As a pairing they balanced each other out, which I found fascinating to keep reading about. From this, I thought Robotham had created a great side story that splits and runs in parallel to the main event. Aside from the actual crime itself, there were still so many twists and secrets to uncover. Throughout the storyline I had my suspicions to who might be the killer, which changed consistently, I only really realised clues as they were being uncovered in the story. And I did not guess it, even with some obvious hints. I loved 'Good Girl, Bad Girl' for the relationship Robotham created with Cyrus and Evie, and can't wait to see what the Cyrus Haven series has in store, hopefully delving deeper into Evie's and Cyrus's past and bringing them back together.

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