Claire Seeber

Fragile Minds

"The prose is deliciously blunt and forthright even when dealing with sensitive issues... "


After a bomb explodes outside the London Academy of Ballet, the police suspect it is yet another terrorist attack. However for DCI Joe Silver the pieces really don't fit and he is struggling to find any real suspects.

Claudie is recovering from a terrible personal tragedy and suffering black-outs when her friend dies in the bomb blast she fears that she may somehow be involved – if only she could recall her actions.

When Silver investigates further into events he is stunned to discover his own links to the explosion. Can Claudie and Silver make sense of all the turmoil and get the truth before another life is needlessly lost?

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Rarely is a book so aptly titled as almost every main character has undergone a past traumatic experience and is still living with the day to day consequences. Fragile Minds is not an easy read, but it is a rewarding one. You are taken on a journey through the minds of participants of events and each has their own personal sub-plot. Joe Silver is the typical DCI with a broken family life. Yet he fills the role well and his ex-wife's turmoil and guilt works well as a driving factor. Claudie is a deeply disturbed woman who has borne terrible tragedy. Tessa is a mysterious force who impacts on all around her. Rafe is an MP with their usual predilection for getting into trouble. These are just a few of the many characters who populate this tale and each of them along with others all have a strong bearing on the outcome. The plot is myriad and the reader has to pay close attention to keep on top of the different threads which weave this tapestry. The prose is deliciously blunt and forthright even when dealing with sensitive issues as Seeber chooses to give you just enough information to manipulate your thoughts and senses. This is my first meeting with Claire Seeber's books and while Fragile Minds is not necessarily a book I would have chosen myself. I am glad that I have read it, as it is an excellent story well told.

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