Ward Larsen

Fly By Night

"...a tight, tense and exhilarating read."


A top secret CIA drone goes missing over the lawless horn of Africa. While they were initially prepared to write off the loss of the plane, new evidence surfaces that the plane is in a hangar owned by a shady cargo carrier called Fly By Night Aviation.

They turn to ex NTSB investigator Jammer Davis to lead the investigation. He goes to Sudan under the pretence that he is to investigate a plane belonging to FBN Aviation which had crashed, but his real mission is to find the drone.

His enquiries lead him to Khartoum, the Red Sea and into the Sudanese desert. Before long he uncovers a conspiracy which has far reaching consequences.

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It's very hard not to compare Jammer Davis with Lee Child's hero Reacher. Both are big brusque men who are equally handy with their fists and their brains. Both have a military and an investigative background. However Davis is rooted and has a home and a teenage daughter. I could go on at length about similarities but won't as it's not fair to either of the authors or characters. The characterisation of all the main leads works well within the frames of the crime action thriller genre and the standouts other than the lead are Dr Antonelli, Bob Schmitt and Boudreau. Khoury and Jibril also provide solid support. The pace is relentless from the off and while the plot cannot be described as complicated it isn't simple either. The prose is strong and to the point with little spare baggage. Where Larsen really excels for me is the way he sprinkles in snippets of aviation knowledge which enhance the story without ever detracting from the flow of action. Buy a copy of 'Fly By Night' and you'll be rewarded with a tight, tense and exhilarating read.

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