Marshall Karp

Flipping Out

"" of my favourite authors..." "


Bestselling mystery author Nora Bannister has found herself a very lucrative sideline, house-flipping. Along with a group of female friends, she buys a run down house in LA, and whilst her business partners turn it into a show home, Nora makes it the scene of a grisly murder in her latest bestseller. It seems people are only too happy to live in a house where someone has died a violent death - in fiction at least. But, much to the horror of Nora and her pals, a series of real murders start taking place. It's up to Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs to track down the killer before he murders his next logical target, Terry's wife.

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Karp's comedy duo, Lomax and Biggs retrun for their third outing in Flipping Out. However, I found the previous superb plots and brilliant one liners that were so prevalent in the first two novels to be slightly lacking in this latest offering. Karp has a great style of writing and both of these characters, together with 'Big Jim' do make a mediocre book better. Flipping Out was definitely not as good as The Rabbit Factory and Bloodthirsty. For those that have not yet read any of Karp's books, I would recommend starting with the Rabbit Factory as you will be hooked on the characters and writing. Then you will be able to forgive a plot that is a little weaker in Flipping Out. That said, Karp remains one of my favourite authors and I have not been deterred from reading book number four which I hope will return to the excellent high standard of the first two.

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