Sara Paretsky


""...another great read from Paretsky." "


V I Warshawski's life is going along on a relatively even keel when her volcano of a god-daughter bursts back into her life and demands that V I drops everything and searches for a young black filmmaker, called August. Reluctantly she does so and finds herself on the trail of August and his elderly companion, Emerald, into the depths of Kansas where Emerald grew up.

As always with Warshawski, she collects problems as she goes about her business and succeeds in upsetting many of the locals. There is a military base, an ex-nuclear site, some modern farming methods and some very dodgy dealing to confront. As she delves deeper into events she thinks she knows why many of the locals are so upset. Inevitably she draws danger to her like a magnet and it is her dogged determination not to be beaten together with some stalwart friends that result in her triumphant in the end.

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Sara Paretsky is the ultimate defender of the modern woman, able to cope as well as any man in the direst of circumstances. V I feels indestructible and her long suffering friend, Lotte keeps putting her back together after yet another beating. V I is physically capable, very smart and sufficiently savvy and experienced to cope with the most heinous of villains. It is very satisfying, and that is part of the enjoyment of these books. There is also fast action, ingenious plots with a healthy dollop of liberal thought to move the stories along. This one is set away from the wild side of Chicago but deepest Kansas proves to have more than its fair share of wickedness to compensate. 'Fallout' is another great read from Paretsky.

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