Karin Slaughter


"Another great read as is to be expected from Karin Slaughter!"


On an ordinary spring day, Special Agent Faith Mitchell of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation returns home to a nightmare. Expecting to find her mother minding Faith's new baby daughter Emma, she is horrified to discover Emma locked in the shed, her mother's safe open, her gun missing and a trail of blood to the front door. Without waiting for back-up, Faith enters the house to a scene of carnage. It has been torn apart and a man lies dead in a pool of blood. She stumbles across two more intruders, and within minutes they too are shot dead. And when the Atlanta police force turns up, Faith has some difficult questions to answer. But she has some desperate questions of her own. What were the killers searching for?

Ex-Atlanta police chief Evelyn Mitchell was once under investigation by Faith's partner Will Trent. Is her mother directly involved this time, and where is she now? With Faith suspended from duty, Will, together with the help of Dr Sara Linton, must piece together the fragments of a brutal and complicated case and catch a deeply troubled and vicious murderer with only one thing on his mind. To keep on killing until the truth is finally revealed.

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This is simply Slaughter at her best, despite Sara Linton making an appearance. She seems to have lost some of her depressive, whining character traits and I found her more bearable in this novel, however the past few books have made me dislike her so much that it will take me some time to actually warm to her. Will Trent, however, is a different kettle of fish and impossible to dislike, Despite all his issues and baggage from his childhood you cannot help but hopes he succeeds and he remains a firm favourite of mine. This story starts as it continues - fast and furious. Amanda Wagner, Deputy Director of the GBI is being her usual evasive self, but another character despite having so many flaws that you cannot help but warm to. The characters do have great depth and the plot has been well thought out with an ending that I wasn't expecting which is always much more enjoyable than a predictable read. 'Fallen' has a great mix of murder, intrigue and police work with plenty of personal touches from the characters to make the reader care about what happens to them. Another great read as is to be expected from Karin Slaughter!

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